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About LSC Gymnastics

Inspire Today, Champion Tomorrow! 

The objective of LSC Gymnastics is not only to teach kids gymnastics and tumbling, but to teach them how to build their confidence and self-esteem.The goal of LSC Gymnastics is to be a place where families of all different backgrounds come to train, to help parents who are not able to afford gymnastics for their kids, and to help children with disabilities. We also want to be a place of diversity. Studies have shown that, “This fosters social skills and helps children to understand paralinguistic behaviors such as taking turns, making requests, making eye contact, and more. Children with ASD will have the ability to learn at their own pace while they develop fine and gross motor skills, attention to detail, how to concentrate and focus on a specific task, development of the vestibular system, and spatial awareness. Children with ASD learn to take the skills that they learn in the gym and apply them to other areas of life such as school and home. This learning environment can be advantageous for both parents and professionals alike. The benefits really are endless with how a comprehensive treatment program that is as structured as gymnastics could truly help a child with Autism.”

LSC Gymnastics is an athletic facility for gymnastics and cheerleading. Our gym will have a variety of classes to choose from such as; recreational gymnastics for ages 3-18, adult gymnastics for ages 18-up, parent and me classes for 18 months- 2 years, team gymnastics, gymnastics camps, open gym, and coffee and tumble time. We will also host birthday parties and parents night out. 


LSC Gymnastics is here to uplift, inspire, and create a safe space for children of all ages and all different backgrounds.


LSC Gymnastics is to be the most open environment where kids come to not only be themselves, but to become athletes; it is a place to learn, grow, and inspire.

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